• Drunk men go on tire-slashing rampage through Revere neighborhood


    Police say two men were drunk when they went on a destructive rampage in a Revere neighborhood, slashing tires and smashing windows of dozens of cars.

    Police say Corey Oliva and James Lyons used multiple knives to slash tires on more than one dozen cars in a multi-block area of Revere. A resident spotted the suspects just before 3 a.m. and called police. 

    "We saw somebody walking, and my wife screamed at them and I said 'I'm gonna call the cops," said resident Geobani Tejada.

    By the time the suspects got to Daniel Montiero's house, surveillance cameras were watching, capturing one suspect first trying to smash Montiero's truck window, and then slash the tire. 

    "A lot of anger cause you could tell that it's cowardly," said Montiero. "It just bothers me because it could have been something that was done while my wife was leaving for work."

    When police arrived, they caught the pair red-handed, leaving thousands of dollars in damage.

    Police say the men only offered one explanation, rambling that they had a tough life.

    Oliva and Lyons both faced a judge and have been charged with multiple counts of destruction of property.

    Revere police are asking any victims who haven't yet filed reports to do so. 

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