• The puzzling decision to bench Malcolm Butler in Super Bowl LII

    By: Dalton Main


    BOSTON - When it comes to defensive plays Sunday night, Malcolm Butler was nowhere to be found and now it appears he might have played his last game as a patriot.

    The hero of Super Bowl XLIX cried during the national anthem and we learned later he was told just before kickoff he wouldn't be starting.

    In fact, Butler didn't play a single snap on defense and his teammates admitted after the game they were disappointed.

    According to NFL game logs, Butler played a single snap on special teams. 

    Coach Belichick didn't offer much explanation other than to say it wasn't injury or discipline related.
    Butler told ESPN after the game the team lost faith in him.

    “They gave up on me,” Butler told ESPN

    According to reports, Butler was the first one to leave the locker room and get on the team bus.

    Butler had played in more than 98 percent of defensive plays for the Patriots through the season. 

    The questions were lobbed at players and coaches immediately after the game Sunday night, but the question is whether or not any answers will surface. 

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