• Patriots WR Julian Edelman shaves beard for charity following Super Bowl win

    By: Austin Bumpus


    After many months with a face full of facial hair, Julian Edelman finally got rid of his infamous beard following the Patriots' win in Super Bowl LIII.

    In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Edelman had his big beard shaved off to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Boston, and explained why he let it grow for so long.

    “Coach Belichick has this thing that he says: ‘put everything in the drawer and don’t worry about it until the season’s done,'" Edelman said. "So I put my razor actually in the drawer."

    The Patriots wide receiver had DeGeneres shave off the beard for him for a good cause, finally showing off his chin and cheeks after many months of letting the facial hair go and raising $10,000 for charity.

    "I love you, beard," Edelman said as the trimmer hit his chin.

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    Edelman followed in his quarterback's footsteps, after Tom Brady had his playoff beard shaved off at an event with Gillette Thursday afternoon.

    Unfortunately for Edelman, it looks like his latest merchandise, showcasing his famous beard for his Super Bowl MVP win, is already outdated.

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