Butch Stearns sits down with Barstool's Dave Portnoy

ATLANTA — Super Bowl week is always a carnival for people who visit the host city and cover the week leading up to the game. And for Barstool Sports and their leader David Portnoy, it has become a family vacation for his entire Barstool family.

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In a one-on-one sitdown conversation on Monday morning, "El Presidente" and I sat down for what has become our annual Super Bowl week chat.

"It’s a huge week. We have an RV and we have our setup for daily radio shows and podcasts. It's huge for us," Portnoy said.

Every Super Bowl week for the past few years, Barstool has picked a location in the host city and set up a football frat house - a home away from home. This year, for Super Bowl LIII, they are at The Ivy's in the Buckhead region of Atlanta and will be here all week long.

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"It’s a big week for Barstool. It's like the family vacation for us, it really is," Portnoy said.

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