Woman trapped inside home in Houston for two days

ARLINGTON, Mass. — Severe flooding trapped an Arlington woman inside her Houston apartment for two weeks.

Boston 25 News spoke to her brother, Robin Chhetri after he received a call from her on Tuesday when she feared for her life.

Chhetri and his sister are both originally from Nepal, but right now he lives in Arlington while she is going to college in Houston.

She reported she was trapped on the second floor of her building after the water had engulfed the first floor of the two-story structure. Her and two other roommates were the only people left in the building.

The three women made numerous attempts at reaching 911 services, but were put on long periods of hold time and time again, and no one ever came to their rescue.

"For two days she couldn't get out of her apartment," Robin said. "There was no electricity for 24 hours, and she was eating only dry food."

Chhetari, who's nearly two thousand miles away from his sister, was confused about what to do. While they were on the phone, his sister told him she didn't want to die.

Fortunately, the rain stopped and in that specific region of Houston, the floodwaters receded far enough for the women to be able to get out of the apartment.

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