'Whitey' Bulger's possessions rake in $100K+ at auction

'Whitey' Bulger's possessions rake in $100k+ at auction

BOSTON — Mobster “Whitey” Bulger's belongings raked in more than $100,000 in a live and online auction Saturday, with the money going to the families of the victims he's responsible for killing.

"We were fascinated to see what it was going to look like and be like,” said Jennifer Thrasher.

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Everything he owned when he was arrested after being on the run for 16.5 years was auctioned off.

More than 200 online and 75 people in person registered to bid on the gangsters' belongings.

Billy Brooks from Hingham paid $3,600 for a rat mug -- once owned by the man who was a secret informant for the FBI.

“This is a rat cup, why would Whitey Bulger have a rat cup? Unless it was a personal joke with him,” said Brooks.

Most of the bidders said they know the auction itself is controversial because it's generating publicity for a criminal.

"He's probably sitting back thinking he's going down to as some king or something. Like someone important,” said Steve Davis, brother of Debra Davis, who the feds say Bulger strangled to death, but the jury came back with a 'no finding' on that charge.

“I don't want to offend anybody but what are you going to do? If it helps somebody then you might as well do it," said John Kelley.

The highest winning bid was for Bulger’s diamond Claddagh ring, which went for $23,000.

Other items of interest: 

  • Lifelike Body on Body punching mannequin -- $4,500
  • Hat Bulger wore at time of arrest -- $6,400
  • Platinum engagement ring -- $14,500
  • Stanley Cup replica ring -- $9,100
  • Psycho Killer Skull silver ring -- $5,200