Video shows Coast Guard rescue of Ipswich man from ocean

IPSWICH, Mass. — An Ipswich man is recovering after he was swept away by a rip current and rescued hours later, a quarter mile from shore.

Around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Randall Hackett went for swim with his son-in-law. He disappeared and wasn't seen until hours later, when the Coast Guard pulled him out of the ocean.

The Coast Guard released video of the rescue, which involved a helicopter pulling him out of the water.

Lt. Joshua Rice led the rescue mission off the coast of Crane Beach. It wasn't easy, he said, because the visibility Tuesday night was close to zero, the winds were gusting, and the water temperature hovered just under 60 degrees.

"Initially it was difficult because, like I said, there was a fog bank,” said Rice.

Rice said someone spotted Hackett using a forward-looking infrared camera.

"Sure enough, it was him, treading water and waving his hands,” Rice told FOX25.

FOX25’s camera captured the moments as Hackett warmed up in an ambulance. Investigators said Hackett and his son-in-law are experienced swimmers and both wore wet suits. When the Coast Guard finally found the 58-year-old, he was two miles from where they went in. Rice said he'll always remember the feeling of safely delivering Hackett back to his family.

"Seeing his family run over and huge. Yeah, we don't normally get to see that,” Rice said.

Hackett was treated at a Beverly Hospital.


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