Trump at center of Democrat, Republican strategies in NH

MANCHESTER, N.H. — New Hampshire is a prime target for anyone who seeks the presidency and both sides are already hitting it hard.

With the president making his first official campaign stop in New Hampshire, it only adds to the frequent political events now happening on a weekly and almost daily basis.

The president's supporters know the Granite State is key.

"The president has a special place in his heart for New Hampshire," Republican National Committee Spokesperson Liz Harrington said. "It was an important state for him in the primaries.  He came up just 3,000 votes short in 2016.  We're gonna turn it red in 2020."

But Democrats are quick to say the president will likely only stir the pot on the issues, not actually bring substance.

Democratic National Committee Strategist David Bergstein told me the Democrats will be putting a major focus on New Hampshire like we saw in 2016.

"I do think what unites the Democratic field is that our agenda is in polar opposite to Donald Trump's record," Bergstein said. "All of our candidates sometimes have different ideas on how we get to an end goal, but we are united on what our agenda is for the American people."

Harrington said to expect the president to get into issues like recession fears and gun violence Thursday night.

"I think he's going to talk about it because he wants solutions that actually work," she said. "He's not blaming the other side."

The president said earlier he expects 12,000 people at the event.

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