With so many guns turned in, Pittsburgh buyback program runs out of money in 40 minutes

PITTSBURGH — A gun buyback program at Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh, held in conjunction with Martin Luther King Jr. Day ran out of money in less than an hour, paying out over $5,000.

Program officials said they were offering $100 per gun turned in, with no questions asked.

Church leaders were partnering with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and Homewood Ministries to put on the program. Last November, there was a double homicide right outside of the church.

Program officials said the doors were open through the afternoon with the hope they received more donations in order to buy back more guns. They are planning to host another similar event soon.

The church is asking for more donations, but you cannot donate online. You’d have to go to the church directly.

Here’s the address:

The Church of the Holy Cross Episcopal

7507 Kelly Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15208