Walmart to start using electronic shelf labels at 2,300 stores across US by 2026

Walmart stores are planning to add electronic shelf labels to its store shelves which will replace the current paper stickers.

Walmart stores plan to add electronic shelf labels to its store shelves, which will replace the current paper stickers.

The new technology will allow employees to update prices with just a mobile app, according to CBS News. This will also be done at a faster speed.

The new electronic digital shelves are expected to be implemented at all Walmart locations in the United States, which is about 2,300 stores, by 2026, CBS News reported.

“Digital shelf labels, developed by Vusion Group, allow us to update prices at the shelf using a mobile app, reducing the need to walk around the store to change paper tags by hand and giving us more time to support customers in the store,” Walmart said in a news release.

The company is hoping that the new technology will help increase productivity, reduce walking time, make stock replenishment more simple and lead to faster order fulfillment.

The process “represents a significant shift in how I, and other store associates, manage pricing, inventory, order fulfillment and customer interactions, ensuring our customers enjoy an even better shopping experience,” Daniela Boscan, a Walmart employee who took part in testing the technology at a Walmart in Grapevine, Texas, said in a news release, according to CBS News.

More information about Walmart’s new electronic shelf labels can be found on its website.

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