Netflix verification scam: Don’t click on email link

As we continue to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic, there’s a not-so-new scam making the rounds once again that’s trying to get information from your Netflix account.

There’s a phishing scam that claims to be from Netflix Support that has the subject “Notice of Verification Failure,” Forbes reported.

The email claims that there is a problem with billing and that personal information needs to be verified within 24 hours or the Netflix account will be canceled.

The link then takes users to a CAPTCHA page that includes Netflix logos. Once the CAPTCHA information is filled out, the user is routed to a fake Netflix page that is harvesting logins, billing address and credit card numbers. Once the fake page is filled out, it redirects to the real Netflix homepage, according to Forbes.

The email bypasses security controls because of the CAPTCHA page, Forbes reported. The domains used in the emails are also legitimate, but unrelated domains to Netflix.

If you get a suspicious email or text, Netflix has a help page. Click here for instructions.

Distractify also suggests manually logging into your account on a separate browser, not clicking on the links in the emails, and checking the status there.

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