Lego pulls back digital advertising on police-related kits, but does not pull kits despite reports to contrary

Despite reports that Lego is pulling police-related building kits, the company says that is not true.

Lego officials have, however, said the company is pulling back on digital advertising. The company posted its stance on social media.

Snopes also investigated that not only were police-related sets said to have been pulled, but also White House kits. The debunking website found both to be false.

The claim that specific sets were pulled first came after The Toy Book, a toy industry magazine, received communication from Lego to its affiliates, to stop marketing the items, Fortune reported.

The Toy Book’s story was then picked up by Brad Pascale, President Donald Trump’s campaign manager, and skewed, Snopes discovered.

No sets have been removed from shelves and are still available online.

A company representative said, “These were available last week and will always be available to our fans,” Fortune reported.

Lego is also donating $4 million to groups that teach children about racial equality, CNBC reported.

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