Costner not coming back to ‘Yellowstone;’ premiere date for last episodes announced

Costner said he will not return to the series "Yellowstone."

Actor Kevin Costner announced late Thursday that he would not be part of the second half of the fifth season of the series “Yellowstone.”

Costner, 69, posted a video on his Instagram and social media pages late Thursday night, breaking the news.

“I just wanted to let you know that I won’t be returning,” Costner said in the video released the same day that the Paramount Network announced the second half of season 5 will premiere on Nov. 10.

The fifth season of the show was set to be its last, according to Paramount. The season was divided into two mini seasons, with the first airing in the fall of 2023 and the second now set for Nov. 10.

Costner talked about the show and what it meant to him in his social media post.

“I just want to reach out and let you know that after this long year-and-a-half of working on ‘Horizon’ and doing all the things that that’s required, and thinking about ‘Yellowstone,’ that beloved series that I love. That I know you love. I just realized that I’m not going to be able to continue Season Five B or into the future,” he said.

The actor has put his own money into producing “Horizon,” a four-part Western movie series he produced, co-wrote, directed and stars in. The first of the four movies opens in theaters on June 28. The second is set to open in August.

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