Amazon to show ads on Prime Video

Amazon is joining the ranks of streaming services that will feature advertisements in shows and movies.

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Amazon Prime Video will roll out the ads next year, The Associated Press reported.

Engadget said it will happen in early 2024. The number of ads hasn’t been announced, but Amazon said it will be fewer than traditional television or its competitors. Variety found that 4 minutes of ads per hour-long show is the lowest amount on streaming.

But there is a way to skip them.

Subscribers can pay an extra $2.99 a month to be ad-free. Prime members will get an email several weeks before the change goes into effect, the AP reported.

Prime Video comes with Prime membership, or it can be purchased separately for $9 a month, according to Engadget.

Prime Video isn’t the only service that has or will be adding ads to their platforms.

Disney is charging $13.99 a month for an ad-free version of Disney+ starting next month, which, according to the AP, is 75% more than the ad-based version. Netflix charges $15.49 a month, or double that of the ad-supported version.

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