No more VCRs, production stops on last-known production line

A pile of dusty and obsolete video recorders lie abandoned in a back room of a video repair shop.

It is definitely an end to an era.

The last known company  still making VHS machines has stopped production on the devices, Popular Mechanics reported.

Funai Electric sold VCRs under the name Sanyo in North America.

Funai began making VCRs in 1983. At its peak, it sold 15 million machines a year, Telegraph reported.

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It sold 750,000 machines last year, despite better technology for playback, including DVD and Blu-ray, and recording, such as DVRs.

There is still a small market for VHS recordings. Some rare horror movies are still being sold on tape for thousands of dollars. Fans said the movies look too good on disc, on which viewers can see bad makeup and mistakes made during filming. VHS gives the movies the feel of a drive-in or grindhouse theater, Arstechnica reported.

Funai is blaming declining sales and a lack of parts for ceasing production, Popular Mechanics reported.

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