• Teacher humiliates boy after embarrassing accident in class, parents say


    HANSON, Mass. - An 11-year-old boy's parents are furious after they claim their son's teacher completely mishandled their son's embarrassing bathroom accident in the classroom.

    The boy's mother, who asked to remain anonymous to protect her son's identity, said her son, a 5th grader at Indian Head Elementary School in Hanson, accidentally wet himself in class after dealing with a recent medical issue.

    According to the mother, the boy immediately ran to the nurse's office, who she said was extremely helpful. She said, however, the boy's teacher wasn't helpful at all. 

    "Rather than caring about the child, she was more concerned with the carpet," said the mother. "Clearly if he wasn't already humiliated, he would've gotten up and said 'well, I had an accident.'"

    The unidentified mother said that the next day, things got even worse. She said the teacher dismissed her son's explanation about having a medical issue.

    "Then she told him he had to apologize to the kids in his class so she made him get up and apologize to the children and tell them it would never happen again - that's what she told him to say," said the mother.

    After hearing about this, the parents confronted the teacher, but the mother said 'she basically felt like she didn't do anything wrong.' 

    The mother added that this teacher has been with the school for quite some time, so this was not someone new to the job.

    The mother said the principal told her the school will provide more training in general to their staff, but would not elaborate on what they were going to do to the specific teacher in question to make sure this doesn't happen again.

    In a statement, the school superintendent told Boston 25 in part "The administration at the elementary school takes the parent’s concerns seriously, is investigating the parent’s concerns, and is working toward resolution." 

    The boy's mother, however, said she's concerned the resolution is taking so long.

    "It's just been an awful experience for him, I don't think any kid should have to go through something like that," said the mother.


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