Taxi driver dragged during fight with competitor over ride

BROOKLINE, Mass. — A cab driver is out on bond after being accused of dragging another cab driver with his car.

Police say the fight began over a disagreement involving fare.

Patrick Gioia says his client, 61-year-old Osmane Offre, didn't mean to drag his competition.

"I'm confident he's going to be fully vindicated," said Gioia.

Police arrested Offre after they said he got into a fight with a rival cab driver over who would take a man to the airport. An officer witnessed the disagreement and wrote in his report, "I observed the taxi begin to accelerate as [the other driver Hassan] Mohamed was yelling and hanging out of the rear passenger door. Mohamed was being dragged by the taxi."

Police say the argument happened Friday morning in front of the Brookline Courtyard Marriott. Boston 25 News talked with the hotel's manager and he told us police were able to break it up pretty quick.

"From what I saw the cab was here and it was empty when I arrived at work," said Marriott General Manager Stan Martin.

Nobody was hurt.

Gioia says his client was just trying to do his job. He blames Mohamed, the other driver, for instigating the violence.

Offre has driven for Bay State Cabs since 1989. Friday afternoon he posted his $100 bond and is ordered to stay away from Mohamed.

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