Families of murdered South Boston doctors file wrongful death suit

SOUTH BOSTON — The families of two doctors who were killed in their South Boston penthouse apartment building have filed a wrongful death suit against the building management, building owner and concierge service.

Jason Field and Gloria Gibbs filed the suit together, each a representative of Dr. Richard Field and Dr. Linda Bolanos estates, respectively. 

The suit names the Highbridge Concierge, Bayberry Management, Court Square Press Building Condominium Trust and Palladion Services. Palladion Services, was the contracted concierge and security service from 2012 and had hired the alleged murderer, Bampumim Teixeira. In early 2017, Highbridge took over. Teixiera was convicted of bank robbery in 2016 and served time in jail.

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The suit says the building advertised as full 24-hour concierge and security when Field first bought the apartment for $1.9 million in 2012.

"Despite the appearance of operating a secure property, in fact, the defendants provided virtually no security for its residents whatsoever," says the suit.

The suit provides says that:

- Garage can be entered when someone is entering or exiting

- Security guard has to watch the cameras, sign people in, accept packages

Teixeira entered the building through the garage on the day of the murder, according to investigators. He was familiar with the building layout and lack of security from his training as a security guard, says the suit.

The suit says that on the day of the murder, May 5, 2017, Field texted one of his friend at 7:46 p.m. that there was a gunman in the unit. The text recipient didn't see the text until about 8:15 p.m., and then called the front desk of the building and spoke to the security guard, a Highbridge employee. The caller asked the security guard to go to Fields and Bolanos unit, says the suit.

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The friend called the security guard later, according to the suit, and the guard said he hadn't gone to the unit yet, "rather, he was still checking his notes."

It wasn't until 8:38 p.m. that the friend and security guard both called 911. Police later found both Bolanos and Field murdered in their penthouse apartment, with Teixeira still inside, said prosecutors.

The suit says the defendants owed a "duty of care" and after learning that a former employee had been convicted of bank robbery, the company should have taken steps to ensure the building was secure.

The wrongful death suits asks for a trial by jury.

In the criminal case against Teixeira, the next court date is Sept. 12.

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