SOLAR ECLIPSE: People across New England (carefully) enjoy the view

The United States is getting ready for a spectacular celestial event – a total solar eclipse – on Aug. 21.

While total solar eclipses occur somewhere in the world about every 18 months, it’s extremely rare for one to occur in the United States.

The last total solar eclipse visible in the United States was on Feb. 26, 1979.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Watch the peak of the eclipse in Boston...

Shiri Spear has lots on information in her videos about how to see the eclipse, but the bottom line is:

do not look directly at the sun.

If you do want to see the eclipse

ISO 12312-2

(sometimes written as ISO 12312-2:2015) certified glasses. You can find that on the inside flap of the frames.

Here is some important information about the eclipse, including how to safely watch it, take photographs and the best places to observe it:

NASA has a lot of other information for the public to enjoy this rare celestial moment:

Sky & Telescope assembled several resources for people to prepare for the event:

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