• Residents furious after water shortage in East Boston apartment complex


    EAST BOSTON, Mass. - Residents at an East Boston apartment complex are furious after days without water.

    For those at the Shore Plaza East, the last two days have been a nightmare - without water, residents are unable to cook or do their laundry.

    The building manager says a broken water main underneath the building is to blame, but some residents say the lack of information is adding to their frustration. 

    "People are furious...I've had friends call me from the other buildings...can't take a shower...can't flush the toilet," said resident Suzanne LoGrasso. 

    "There's no explanation. Just working on it," said resident Juanita Brown.

    Residents say they are also getting broken promises.

    "Last night they promised the water would be on and it didn't come on. It didn't come on at all," said resident Francisco Jimnez.

    "They turned it back on last night but we didn't get it back," said resident Jilian Gore. "It's horrible. I mean, I have children, so it's not easy." 

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