• Security footage: Thief targets Quincy mosque

    By: Robert Goulston


    QUINCY, Mass. - A local mosque was victimized by crime twice in just a matter of weeks. 

    A man on a scooter broke into the Iman Islamic Center near Quincy Avenue through a side door using a screw driver. Members of the Islamic Center told FOX25 that the suspect's motive was to steal money and electronic equipment. They said audio equipment worth close to $3,000 was stolen, along with a donation box.

    After the first break-in a couple of weeks ago, the Islamic Center put a stronger lock on the door, but the suspect was still able to make his way in. The mosque had trouble with break-ins a few year ago, prompting them to buy security cameras, which caught footage of the suspect coming and going during the theft.

    The intruder did not vandalize or damage the mosque at all, which is something members of the Islamic Center were worried about after some of the national issues centered around the presidential election.

    Anyone with information on the theft is urged to contact Quincy detectives at (617) 745-5771.


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