Brady filmed a commercial taking a shot at Goodell with a 5th Super Bowl ring back in Sept.

BOSTON — A healthcare center ad featuring Tom Brady took a darkly gleeful turn after the Super Bowl Sunday night.

Following the Patriots' historic comeback win over the Falcons, Shields Health Care Group started airing a new commercial, in which the Super Bowl LI MVP throws shade at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Shields has been running ads for months featuring the Pats’ quarterback being asked to remove his four Super Bowl rings before getting an MRI. He puts them in a locker and the attendant remarks it might be time to get a bigger one for him.

But in a new version of the commercial that aired after the Patriots’ fifth Super Bowl win, Brady removes a fifth ring from his pocket and says, “forgot about this one. It’s kind of new.”

After the woman comments about a bigger locker, Brady now replies, “Roger that.”

Shields said Monday the new commercial is a sequel the original ad that began airing in October of 2016. Obviously, the commercial was shot months ago at the same time as the first.

“With Tom Brady and the Patriots we had a feeling the season would come to a thrilling end, and we sure are glad to have filmed the new ending,” said Shields Health Care Group CEO Tom Shields.  “We couldn’t be prouder to partner with Tom Brady – now a five-time Super Bowl champion – and we are privileged Tom chose Shields as one of his only local endorsements in recent years.”

The new ad elicited a predictably raucous response from Patriots fans on social media as it was discovered.