• Police: Woman assaulted on Upper Charles trail in Milford


    MILFORD, Mass. - Milford police are investigating an assault along a popular trail after they say a woman reported an attack there.

    That woman told police it happened on part of the Upper Charles River Rail to Trail Project on Thursday. The woman said she was hit on the head from behind, knocked to the ground and attacked by a man armed with a small pocket knife. She was able to break free by kicking him repeatedly.

    The woman said she was well aware of her surroundings. In fact, she did not have her headphones on and there were others working out on the bike path so she felt safe.

    The woman posted what happened on social media to make others aware and to help generate tips for police.  She told FOX25 in an email, "I was very lucky and fortunate for the outcome, but I know it could have been devastatingly different and I know it could be worse for someone in the future...I hope that speaking about this can help someone to prevent an interaction like this where they might not have the opportunity to warn others."

    The woman also wanted to thank everyone who helped, from the police here to the people who stopped and helped when they saw her running out of the bike path.

    The Upper Charles Trail winds through areas of Milford and Holliston and runs up to Sherborn and Hopkinton. The old CSX rail bed that is now a paved and gravel trail is popular with walkers, runners and bikers.

    Police have not yet released any suspect information.

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