Police turn to public to help ID teens behind vicious attack in Quincy

QUINCY, Mass. — Video showing a group of teenagers brutally attacking another in Quincy is extremely graphic and hard to watch, but police are hoping the images can be used to identify those behind the assault.

The attack on a group of teens by the other group was recorded on a cell phone, and police said it’s a critical clue to help find those responsible.

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Boston 25 News blurred out the faces of those responsible because of their ages.

The attack was reported around 5 p.m. on a dock near Marina Bay and appears to show a group of boys that are surrounded by another group, and they begin to taunt them and use inappropriate language.

That’s when the hitting begins.

When the boys try to walk away, that’s when one of them was thrown to the ground. As he cowers on the pier trying to protect himself, he is then kicked and punched by another teen.

Then the group grabs another victim as he’s walking and he too is punched and kicked by a few others.

The video is making the rounds on social media, including a Facebook group for Quincy residents.

“Disgusting. I think it’s inappropriate and they looked like they did nothing wrong,” Quincy resident Shelby Chiasson said. “I feel bad. There was one kid who stuck up for them and that’s the right thing to do.”

By the time Quincy and Massachusetts State Police arrived, the teens had fled.

That’s why authorities are hoping that members of the public who have seen the video will step up and identify whoever is in the video.

Police are also asking the public to call them if they can identify anyone in the video and not post their names on social media.

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