Princeton jogger murdered: Officers work around the clock to find killer

PRINCETON, Mass. — It's been days since a young woman was murdered while jogging in Princeton and police are still trying to found out what happened.

Vanessa Marcotte was in Princeton from New York City, visiting her mother. While out for a jog Sunday afternoon, the 27-year-old was murdered.

“Here we are we see a murder that may never happen again in this town. It's such a weird case that it's hard to understand,” Northeastern University Criminologist Jack Levin said.

Marcotte was from Leominster and attended college at Boston University.  Leominster's Mayor Dean Mazzarella said he is navigating one of the toughest moments of his career.

"Almost everyone in town knows one of her relatives, if not her," he said.

As first reported on FOX25 news at 5, Mazzarella said Marcotte's family is large, but incredibly tight knit. He said the athletic 27-year-old was not only competitive about her running, but about her career.

Mazzarella told FOX25 News the Marcottes, and those who know them, are struggling to come to terms with the circumstances surrounding the young woman's murder.

One thing that stands out in the case is that when Marcotte's body was found, there were burns to the hands and face.

“The only reason to obscure the identity of the victim, just to make sure it's not connected to the killer. Using that logic, we would have to conclude that the killer knew the victim and was concerned about being connected,” Levin said.

Macotte's body may be released to her family Thursday so that funeral arrangements can be made.

The District Attorney's Office and State Police told FOX25 a team of more than 25 officers has been working around the clock to find Marcotte's killer. According to the Boston Globe, Marcotte's autopsy has been completed but yet released.

State and local police have been sifting through roughly 250 tips They have set up an anonymous tip line for anyone with information about Marcotte's death: (508) 453-7589.