• 16-year-old girl identified as victim of Lawrence shooting


    LAWRENCE, Mass. - The victim of a Friday night shooting in Lawrence has been identified as a 16-year-old girl, according to a release from local police. 

    Law enforcement say the shooting occurred during a large group fight in the middle of High Street in Lawrence. That conclusion, police say, came from information obtained from witness statements. 

    During the time of the fight, a black BMW that was transporting several individuals involved in the situation drove onto the street. One of the occupants of the vehicle exited the car before firing several rounds into the air. 

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    The victim – who was a passenger in that vehicle – was struck by one of the multiple rounds subsequently fired into the car as it was leaving the scene.

    The teenager was later admitted to Lawrence General Hospital before being transported to a Boston hospital where she is currently recovering, according to authorities.

    "It’s like something you see in a movie," witness Dan Kiley said. "You know, somebody firing off rounds in the air while a fist fight is going on, then all of a sudden, people are running down the street shooting at each other. It was surreal."

    Kiley walked outside Friday night to see the gunfight on High Street, and as soon as he saw someone shooting a gun, he ran back inside to call 911.

    "I think the dispatcher probably heard the gunshots in the background while I was on the phone with them," Kiley said. "It's become common almost. It happens every year, you hear gunshots on High street. It’s sad, it’s sad."

    Other neighbors like Indalesia Valentin weren't surprised by the gunfire. Valentin said she barely leaves her house because of crime, and she heard about a fight being organized on Facebook.

    "There was gonna be a fight, and my brother’s girlfriend Nadine actually said, 'He’s crazy, someone’s gonna die,'" Valentin said. 

    Police identified and arrested Christian Figueroa, 20, at the hospital. Figueroa – who was the driver of the black BMW that also brought the victim to the hospital – had an active warrant out for his arrest for an unrelated shooting. 

    Officers also located a firearm that was apparently thrown from the vehicle when it was in route to the hospital. 

    Police say the incident occurred on High Street Friday night around 9:07 p.m. 

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    So far, there hasn't been an arrest for the person who shot the teenager, but police say it is an active investigation.

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