• Plymouth man's 'life has changed' after surviving motorcycle crash

    By: Ted Daniel


    PLYMOUTH, Mass. - A serious crash has left Lou Weinstein in serious pain. He has bumps, bruises, cuts and road rash all over his body. 

    His Harley also took a beating after it went underneath a car. 

    "All I saw was the pavement and the curb, and I said, 'oh this is it,'" Weinstein said. 

    Weinstein was riding in downtown Plymouth when, he says, he stopped to a let someone turn in front of him. All of a sudden, a 71-year-old Marshfield man driving a black Ford sedan hit him from behind.

    "I held on," Weinstein said. "I put my head down and I just held on for the ride."

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    And what a ride it was. The driver kept going with Weinstein underneath his car, dragging him at least 50 feet until the Ford ended up on top of a parked mini-van.

    "He's dragging me, I hear him hitting the gas harder, no brake," Weinstein said. "I'm saying to myself, 'hit the brake you moron.'"

    Weinstein says a tow truck was needed to lift the car off him. He was immediately transported by medical helicopter to a Boston hospital where he spent three nights   

    Despite riding motorcycles for 30 years, Weinstein said that, after what happened, this ride will be his last.

    He's got a long recovery ahead but said that's okay because he feels like he's been given a second chance at life.

    "I'm lucky, I'm so lucky Ted, I love you man," he said. "I love everything now, my life has changed, in one day it changed."

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