One year after deadly crash, surviving driver charged

AVON, Mass. – It’s been one year since Coy Wasilewski was killed in a crash on Route 24 in Avon, but his family tells Boston 25 News they are just now starting to get closure.

Kyle Thistle initially told police that Wasilewski clipped him, but police say his story kept changing and on Wednesday they announced charges of negligent driving and speeding against him.

"Everything got blamed on my son and how's he going to defend himself when he's passed away,” Wasileski’s father Tom said. "We've been fighting for him non-stop, I told him I would not give up until I got some kind of justice for him."

The last year has been tough for Tom and his wife, their garage is lined with Cory's pictures and the Mustang they purchased in his memory.

"I get a lot of flack from people saying I torture myself, but that's how I hold on to him,” Tom said.

Thistle will be in court on March 7, he faces a maximum of two years in prison if convicted. Cory’s parents said even if Thistle serves no time, they will feel vindicated that the world will hopefully learn what he says he’s known all along - that Cory did not cause that crash.


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