NH primary: Senator Elizabeth Warren

A disappointing night for Sen. Warren who finished a distant fourth in New Hampshire, the Democratic candidate visited several polling places across the state on hopes of getting support for her campaign

NH primary: Senator Elizabeth Warren

MANCHESTER, N.H. — As New Hampshire precincts wrap up their results, signs pointed to Senator Warren finishing fourth, behind Senator Amy Klobuchar. Senator Bernie Sanders was declared the winner on Tuesday night.

While her numbers have declined in recent days, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is not showing any signs of giving up.

On primary day, Sen. Warren was enthusiastically greeted by supporters as she traveled through polling places, where many voters had to stand in the cold, damp New Hampshire weather just to meet her.

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As she moved through the crowd and stopped for every single photo that was asked of her, Warren also stopped to talk to some voters as well.

In her speech while results were still coming in, Warren started by congratulating her opponent, Sen. Klobuchar. She also acknowledged the success of other contenders Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, before pointing to the fact that she and Klobuchar are the only candidates in the race who are not billionaires or supported by billionaires.

She reminded her supporters this will be a long-fought battle and she is not giving up.

“But if we’re going to beat Donald Trump in November, we are going to need huge turnout within our party, and to get that turnout, we will need a nominee that the broadest coalition of our party feels they can get behind," said Warren.

Warren maintains she believes she is the candidate who can unite the factions in the Democratic party. Her supporters say they are not deterred by her fourth place finish in this primary.

In a recent one-on-one conversation with Boston 25 News Anchor Kerry Kavanaugh, Warren said she was not going to let current numbers slow her down.

“We could also pull in Independents and Republicans on it,” said Warren. "I fight from the heart and I fight for families.”

“I like everything about Elizabeth I think she’s a straight shooter," said Jane Haigh. “She cares about people. She tells the truth. She doesn’t exaggerate. She wants the government to work for every person in this country, not just for the wealthy and well connected.”