NH primary: Joe Biden

One of the only top candidates not in New Hampshire for the primary, former VP Biden moved on to South Carolina before any of the results came in.

NH primary: Joe Biden

NASHUA, N.H. — Joe Biden’s headquarters was managed by his team on Tuesday night as the former VP already moved on to South Carolina.

Biden spoke to his crowd in South Carolina to let them know that the race is far from over because you can’t win an election without the African-American and Latino vote, which is where he feels he will be the strongest.

That may shed some insight into why he left New Hampshire early to draw attention to the other voters nationwide, but in the Granite State, his supporters were not made he left and they agreed with his decision. Former NH Governor John Lynch and Valerie Biden Owens, the former VP’s sister, told the audience it’s not getting knocked down that matters, but getting back up.

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Then, Biden came in from the TV stream to address the crowd.

“Look, we’re gonna be back in New Hampshire, going to be back there to defeat Donald Trump in November,” he said.