• NH officials to vote on raising toll rates


    CONCORD, NH - A new proposal in New Hampshire would raise the tolls for drivers on the Turnpike system, putting most of the burden on out-of-state drivers. 

    The toll rate on I-93 in Hooksett would rise 50 cents for a total of $1.50. For those using a NH E-ZPass, the rate would go from 70 cents to $1.05. Mainline tolls at Bedford and Hampton will also go up 50 cents. 


    The new plan, which NHPR says will be voted on next week, gives 10 free trips to NH E-ZPass commuters that make at least 40 trips a month. 

    New Hampshire government said the new rate structure will increase toll revenue by 27 percent, with the money going toward work on the Turnpike system. It estimates that 54 percent of the toll increase would be paid by out-of-state users of the system. 


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