• New track club for kids huge hit in Brockton


    BROCKTON, Mass. - When Brockton High Coach John Fidalgo decided the city needed a community track club for kids, he hoped it would catch on.

    "In our first year, we expected about a hundred, maybe,” said John FidaIgo.

    His estimate wasn’t even close; the Brockton Track Club has already swelled to 300 members, making it the third biggest track club in New England.

    “In our first year, that's an incredible accomplishment,” he said.

    Fidalgo gives all the credit to the volunteer coaches, who are all in high school. The coaches are helping train the army of children ages 5 to 14.

    “They love doing races. They love doing relays. Competing,” said Ben, a volunteer.

    Fidalgo says one-third of the kids in the track club are related; some of the parents are walking around the track while all three kids get in healthy exercise.

    In Brockton, he'd like to see this generation pay forward good sportsmanship, to the next.

    “I just hope it becomes like a community legacy,” he said.

    Brockton Track Club is open to any child 5 to 14 and it holds practice Monday and Wednesday nights.

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