• New England's Unsolved: FBI profiler paints haunting picture of Allenstown murder suspect


    ALLENSTOWN, N.H. - A former FBI profiler has painted a haunting picture of who could have killed a woman and three children and stuffed their bodies into barrels in the woods of New Hampshire.

    “From the mindset of the offender or offenders who did this, the perception of these people is they are garbage. They deserve what they got,” said Mary O’Toole.

    O’Toole has worked some of the most notorious cases in recent American history.

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    She told New England’s Unsolved that the violence signals the killer was likely someone close to the victims, someone who may have deeply hated them.

    “The purpose was not to injure, not to scare, but to kill. So the intent was to kill these people,” she said

    The killer wrapped the victims in garbage bags, packed them into barrels and dumped them in the woods.

    The bodies were discovered in Allenstown, near Bear Brook State Park, more than 30 years ago.

    “You have all of these years that have gone by, and no one has come forward which means the offender or the offenders never said anything to anybody,” said O’Toole. “Let them decompose out there so it's a very cold and callous crime to begin with.”

    Mark Hilts is a retired supervisory agent from the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit. He told FOX25’s Bob Ward the way the killer disposed of the bodies is important.

    “He took that time and effort to ensure they wouldn’t be found,” he said. “It could be suggestive of someone known to the victim. Someone that know if the body is found or discovered, ‘I’m going to be a suspect. I need them not to be found.’”

    Forensic imaging specialist Joe Mullins created images of the four nameless victims.

    Through his imaging, investigators learned the horrific violence inflicted upon them.

    “Consistent with all the victims was blunt force trauma to the head,” he said. “They didn’t see it coming.”

    Forensic science has revealed all four victims were in the Northeast, possibly New Hampshire, together in the months before they were killed.

    To the FBI profilers, the forest and dumpsite suggest the killer was familiar with the Allenstown area and the woods.

    If you can help solve the case, call the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit at 603-271-2663.

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