New app rewards students for staying off their phones

BOSTON — It seems kids are always on their digital devices, even in school. Now, a new app may help get students to stay off their phones and pay attention to their studies.

"Pocket Points" rewards students for staying off their phones in class. Once users open the app on their campus Wi-Fi, their phone locks and the points build. The points can be used for everything from pizza or coffee to shoes.

College students tell FOX25 they like the idea and say they would use it.

The app has been downloaded more than 200,000 times and is in more than 100 universities, including Emerson College, Boston University and Northeastern University.

Advertising expert and founder of 451 Marketing, A.J. Gerritson, thinks some professors might not be completely on board with the app.

"I think professors will be 50 50 on it," Gerritson said. "I think some will say they should be studying regardless and they don't need to be rewarded for that.  Others will embrace it and say 'Hey, anything you can do to get them more focused on learning is gonna be a good thing.'"

Gerritson told FOX25 these kind of reward-based apps are going to become more and more present in our everyday lives.