Neighbor buys back house after 89-year-old woman evicted

HUDSON, Fla. — Neighbors came to the rescue when an 89-year-old was evicted from her Florida home after 35 years.

Angie Tyma had once owned her Hudson, Florida home, but had sold it several years ago after her husband passed away to a man who agreed to let her continue to live there by paying rent, FOX13 reports.

When foreclosure notices began to come in the mail, Tyma realized the man was not using the rent money to pay the mortgage.

"He lied! I said, 'Your hands are going to burn on the bible,'" said Tyma after speaking to the man, who lives in Europe.


that the bank took possession, she and all of her belongings were kicked out. With noi home, she lived in a Days Inn for three weeks.

Losing her home was hard enough, but Tyma had also scattered her husband's ashes behind the house and her three pets were bureid in the backyard.

"They're all buried in the back, and I just couldn't accept the fact that I could never come back," said Tyma.

She told a neighbor, Danielle Calder, about her situation and asked Calder if there was any way she would be able to buy the home. Calder obliged and surprised Tyma with the keys in the driveway on her 89th birthday.

"The last thing I needed was another house, but I really wanted to keep her in the neighborhood. Everybody wanted to keep her in the neighborhood," Calder told FOX13. 

"She always said to me, don't worry, you're going to always live here. she is a good friend," said Tyma.

Tyma moved back into her home and is now paying Calder rent to help with expenses.