Mural in honor of George Floyd in Woburn vandalized

WOBURN, Mass. — A memorial mural painted in honor of George Floyd in Woburn has been vandalized.

The mural, painted by an unknown artist, is located on an I-93 underpass in Woburn, near the Stoneham town line.

The area, which is usually known for being the site of graffiti art, was graced with a portrait of Floyd and the words “Justice 4 Big Floyd” next to it. Vandals, however, scribbled over Floyd’s face, defacing the art.

George Floyd became a central figure in the fight to end police brutality and for justice to people of color killed while in police custody.

Floyd, a 43-year-old black man, was detained by Minneapolis Police officers under the assumption he had been using a counterfeit $20 bill. A now former Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, was recorded kneeling on Floyd’s neck, effectively killing him, for nine minutes after Floyd had already been detained, restrained and pushed onto the ground.

Protests erupted after the video of the incident went viral, starting first locally in Minneapolis and the surrounding area and then eventually sparking across other cities in all 50 states.

After protesters took to the streets to denounce Floyd’s death, murder charges were brought against Chauvin and three other police officers.

Police say no official report has been made on this incident at this time.

However, anyone with information on the act of vandalism is encouraged to report it to Woburn Police.


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