• Mother searching for bag made of Army uniform given to her after son's death

    By: Ted Daniel


    UPDATE: The bag has been returned. Someone who saw the Boston 25 News report spotted the bag in Stoughton and it returned it to the owner. 

    BOSTON - Judith Church is on the hunt for a cherished item in her life that her family believes was stolen from her car one week ago.

    Church is searching for a bag given to hear after her son's sudden death in 2011, made out of the Army uniform he wore during a yearlong deployment in Iraq.

    "I have been going crazy, I'm searching everywhere," Church said. 

    Brian McSharry was a rookie Brockton Police officer, and a member of the United States Army Reserve.

    "That was his last uniform, so I carried it with me all the time and his best friend made it for me," Church said.

    The last time anyone saw the bag was over a week ago, where Church's husband Daryl said it was in a parked car at a Rhode Island go-kart track.

    "I think somebody went in the car, and they saw it in there and thought it had expensive stuff in it," Daryl Church said. "There's really nothing in it. It means more to her than it does to anyone else."

    The bag is an easy one to spot, with "McSharry" and "U.S. Army" printed above the side pockets.

    Along with those words, the phrase, "Smile like you mean it" is sewn into the shoulder strap.

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    "Orange is his favorite color," Church said. 

    McSharry's cousin Kristy Brown has been spreading the word on social media, and said the family just wants the bag back with no questions asked. 

    "I would hope other people would hear about it, and If they saw it, just send it," Brown said. "That’s it. Things inside can be replaced, but the bag itself can't be."

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