• Attleboro father takes action after viral video of child climbing pool ladder

    By: Heather Hegedus


    After video of their 2-year-old son climbing a locked pool ladder in Attleboro went viral, the child's parents decided to take action.

    Keith Wyman filmed the video of his son Cody climbing the safety cover on the ladder of their family pool, and everything took off from that moment.

    The father said he recorded the video to show parents how dangerous the ladders can be, and the video was then seen by people around the world.

    Wyman told Boston 25 News the video, shared millions of times, opened up a platform for others to speak out about dangerous experiences they've had with their children.

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    "I'm still receiving messages from people, mostly about their tragic stories," Wyman said.

    Wyman didn't stop after posting the video on social media, as he kept calling the manufacturer, Vinyl Works based out of Canada, until he got a call from the head of the company.

    The head of the company thanked Wyman for exposing the issue, and then proceeded to take the model off the market immediately.

    Then, the company asked Wyman for his input to help fix the flaw.

    "They got on it right away," Wyman said. "They took the mold for the door, and started changing it instantly."

    Earlier in August, Vinyl Works sent the Wyman family the new and improved version of the ladder safety cover, the first of its kind that passed all their testing.

    The old version of the ladder had openings that made it possible for fingers to grab on for climbing, and the new ladder filled in any holes where children could get a grip.

    Wyman's child tried out the new model, and had no luck in climbing the ladder.

    Now, Wyman is hoping to continue working with the manufacturer to make more improvements to add children's safety.

    "I gave them my ideas as far as a smooth door and higher," Wyman said. "I'm just happy something's being done about it."

    The Wyman's also have project in the works, as they're putting together a children's book about pool safety.

    "It's a story about "Pool Boy Cody,'" Wyman said. "It will have information on there for adults, as well."

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