• Medford park to be transformed in honor of Krystle Campbell

    By: Kerry Kavanaugh


    MEDFORD, Mass. - A group is working to create a living memorial in Medford in honor of Krystle Campbell, one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

    The park that sits on Logan Street in Medford will soon be transformed.

    "This is a good way to remember Krystle in a positive way," said Jimmy Plourde, Where Angels Play Foundation.

    After the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, the group began constructing playgrounds; one for each of the 26 lives lost.

    "So we built a living memorial. I have two kids myself and it's wonderful to see smiling, nothing beats it to have kids running and laughing," said Plourde. 

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    The initiative grew from there and in recent years, has included victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

    Their newest project will honor Campbell in her homework.

    A park in Wilmington was dedicated to MIT Police officer Sean Collier.

    Later, they constructed one in Dorchester dedicated to Victoria McGrath, who was injured in the bombings and survived, due in part to the actions of Plourde, himself.

    "I was lucky to just be there and do my job as a Boston firefighter," said Plourde.

    Sadly, McGrath later died in a car crash overseas

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    For Plourde, continuing the mission of Where Angels Play took on a new meaning.

    "I personally never met Krystle Campbell. But, I know a lot of people in Boston that Krystle Campbell represents; young people, living their lives, working out, going out doing wonderful things," said Plourde.

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    The foundation will work with a designer and the Campbell family so this park will best represent Krystle and the city of Medford.

    "It's been paying it forward, as we like to say," said Plourde.

    The group started raising money for the Medford project last night. The fundraiser fell on Campbell's birthday. If you would like to donate to help create this living memorial, click here.

    Eventually, they will need volunteers to help construct the park. 

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