• MBTA bus driver off the job after seen driving on wrong side of the road


    BOSTON - An MBTA bus driver is off the job and under investigation after video surfaced of him driving the bus on the wrong side of the road Thursday morning.

    Surveillance video from a business on Meridian Street in East Boston caught the bus driving on the wrong side of the road to get around what appears to be an idled car. 

    That's a glimpse of something Eastie residents say they see with their own eyes on a regular basis. 

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    "People are ignorant and double park on these main roads where it's not supposed to," said resident Teriann Harris. "I think they're doing what they have to do to keep up on their schedule... they have to make people waiting at bus stops."

    But not all residents are OK with it. 

    "It makes me extremely mad. A lot could've gone wrong," said Ragiro Castoleino. "This would've been a great disaster... a head-on collision."

    The MBTA told Boston 25 News:

    "This morning, the bus operator of one bus told a supervisor that his path of travel was blocked by a car that was double parked up the street. As is standard procedure, the bus operator has been taken out of service while a full investigation takes place."

    People who have lived in the area for a while say traffic jams and double parked cars are a growing problem with all the development happening in Eastie. Some we spoke with, say in their opinion, traffic enforcement should be doing more to help clear the way for all the buses that come through here.

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