MassDOT ready to take on winter months thanks to new technology

BOSTON — We're getting our firsts tastes of winter and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation has some new tools and technology they will be using to try to tackle rough roads.

It was during the heart of summer when planning for winter first started. Technology will be big this year, like taking the temperature of the roads, then using GPS on trucks and equipment to get crews out to treat the roads that need it the most.

MassDOT has up to 4,300 pieces of equipment it can unleash to tackle tough roads if a major snowstorm hits. To handle ice, the salt sheds across Mass. are at 78% with more deliveries en route this year.

Another focus this year from MassDOT is cleaning up bike lanes and sidewalks, which is always a challenge because the snow has to physically be removed and can't just be pushed to the side.

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