Three millennials open a selfie business in Somerville

SOMERVILLE, Mass. — At a time when thousands of businesses across the Commonwealth have been forced to close permanently due to the pandemic, there are success stories. There’s one new business that its owners claim may just be the most Instagram-able place in the Boston area.

It’s one of the hottest new concepts. A do-it-yourself photo studio. “Ideally, we want you to come in here take a cool picture so you can post it on your social media and you can say, wow, this is a great picture,” said Daniela Martinez, co-owner of Selfie Wrld Boston Selfie WRLD Boston | #1 trending selfie museum in the WRLD.

Martinez and her two friends, Jerome Wilson and Emiel Barbosa, who are all in their 20′s, recently opened a franchise of Selfie Wrld at Assembly Row in Somerville. The selfie museum allows customers to take selfies in one of 24 rooms. Each has its own theme. There are also 15 different backgrounds to choose from. Customers, then post the pics to their social media accounts. “We change out rooms every 2-3 months, so we keep it fresh keep people coming back. So our focus is to continue providing something fun and exciting for people to do in the city of Boston,” Barbosa said.

But it’s the city of Brockton that inspired Barbosa and Wilson. The life-long friends grew up there and still live in the City of Champions. They credit their teachers and coaches at Brockton High School for believing in them and inspiring them. “I think I had a lot of good people around me to help me and guide me in the right position you know picking a good school to go to,” Barbosa said. Wilson commented, “We wrestled together and it was all about mental toughness. So we use a lot of that to relate to building Selfie Wrld.”

Which, for them, has turned out to be picture-perfect, one selfie at a time.

Selfie Wrld Boston costs $25 per hour. For kids ages 12-3, it costs $15 per hour.

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