Most roads in good shape for the Monday morning commute

BOSTON — If you haven’t been out on the roads already, you may be pleasantly surprised by the snow removal efforts that have taken place across the state. Our crew found major roadways like 128, Rt. 3, and the Mass Pike in good condition Sunday, despite record snowfall.

This was the first big blizzard since several communities sounded alarms about a plow driver shortage. The shortage is being blamed on high fuel, insurance, and equipment costs. Also, drivers are sick or in quarantine due to COVID and a general shift in the workforce. If it’s a light winter, there’s not much money to be made.

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Brian Sowers is a private plow driver from Ohio. He says he drove to Massachusetts to work the storm due to an app that allows people to request snow removal service. “Since there are no other drivers available, they sub it out to [people in] other states. They reached out to me,” Sowers said.

Towns that have sought to hire additional private plow contractors include Franklin, Needham, and Wrentham. A Boston 25 crew visited Needham and Wrentham and found the roads appeared to be in good condition. Crews in those communities have been working around the clock.

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Boston has 200 plowed routes and is considered one of the most difficult areas for snow removal. Boston 25 News found several roads in dense neighborhoods that need more cleaning.

Longtime Dorchester resident Theo Adjetey, who lives on Angell Street, said his road is hard to plow.

“It’s a narrow street, and people park on both sides,” he said.

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