Molly Bish's family releases new video on 17th anniversary of her disappearance

WARREN, Mass. — The family of a teenage lifeguard who vanished from her post at a Massachusetts pond in 2000 has released a new video on the 17th anniversary of the disappearance.

"It's now 17 years, so it's been longer than her life, that she's been missing," said Heather Bish, sister of Molly Bish.

Molly Bish was 16 when she disappeared from Comins Pond in Warren on June 27, 2000. Her remains were found in the woods of Palmer about five miles away in 2003. Investigators think she was abducted and killed, but no one has ever been charged with her death.

"I don't think they knew Molly was in so much peril until so much later. Statistically, people who are abducted by a stranger are murdered in the first three hours. So probably, by the time we were looking for Molly, she was already dead," said Heather.

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In the 6-minute video released Monday, her mother, Magi Bish, speaks directly to the abductor about the day her daughter disappeared. The video also includes interviews with Molly's sister and brother, and a state police investigator.

Boston 25 News has reported extensively on convicted killer Rodney Stranger as the focus of the Bish investigation. Still, he's never been charged.

On Tuesday, with the pain fresh on her mind, Heather said she remains as dedicated as ever to find justice.

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