Milton police investigating swastikas and racist graffiti at Curry College

MILTON, Mass. — A Curry College student who wants to remain anonymous reached out to Boston 25 News saying he’s worried about several swastikas and hate speech directed at black students.

They’ve been finding things for the last couple of weeks. Swastikas in different types of hate speech,” said the student who wants to remain anonymous.

He says a specific threat was found Tuesday night for this Saturday, February 12th.

“So, it’s kind of disheartening that it’s gotten to this point,” said the student.

Boston 25 obtained an email sent by Curry to students. It contained a video decrying the initial incidents.

“The person or persons responsible for this must be identified, removed from our campus, and brought to justice,” said Kenneth Quigley who is the President of Curry College.

More emails obtained by Boston 25 show that over three days at the end of January, symbols of hate appeared across the small Milton campus, mainly in bathrooms and private areas to which only students would have access. President Quigley spoke out against the initial graffiti last month.

“We have discovered 12 antisemitic swastika symbols and one racist graffiti on walls at our campus,” said President Quigley.

Police on campus and from Milton beefed up security but Tuesday night it happened again. Another swastika was found and this time a direct threat.

“Had specific language threatening the black community and a specific date. That date is Saturday, February 12,” said Lt. Detective Michael Collins of the Milton Police Department.  This was part of a second video sent to students on Wednesday.

Milton and Curry Police say they have a plan in place for Saturday that includes uniformed and plain clothes officers on campus.

In the meantime, college administrators, police, and the student who reached out to us ask anyone, who knows anything about this to contact the police.

“I mean If you know something I think you should come forward and let the proper authorities know. There are a lot of people who are scared,” said the anonymous student.

Police won’t say exactly what the threat is because they don’t want to jeopardize the investigation.  Campus police say there are 105 cameras on the campus. They’ve now added three more, two in the student center and one in a first-year residence hall hoping to help find whoever is behind that threat.