25 Investigates: Gov. Baker says he doesn’t know scope of IG investigation into EEC Commissioner

BOSTON — Governor Charlie Baker says he’s not clear on exactly why the Massachusetts Inspector General is investigating the Commissioner of the Department of Early Education and Care {EEC}.

On Tuesday, 25 Investigates broke the news that EEC Commissioner Samantha Aigner-Treworgy resigned amid an investigation by the inspector general.

Sources told 25 Investigates that the investigation centers around a contract Aigner-Treworgy personally arranged and gave to someone.

On Wednesday, anchor and investigative reporter Kerry Kavanaugh asked Baker about what she uncovered at a press event in Brockton.

“Thoughts or concerns about what they’re looking into, and any comments on her resignation,” Kavanaugh asked.

“Commissioner Sam did a great job working through a very difficult period of time, especially for the early care and education community here in the Commonwealth throughout the course of the pandemic. I don’t know that much about the Inspector General. But the bottom line is, you know, when they ask for stuff, we give it to them. But it has nothing… one has nothing to do with the other,” Baker said.

“Sounded like there’s some issue with how a contract was awarded,” Kavanaugh responded.

“I don’t know,” said Baker. “And bottom line is, generally speaking, whether it’s the auditor or the inspector general or somebody else, we usually let them speak for their investigations. And what we do is cooperate.”

Aigner-Treworgy’s resignation takes effect March 8th. The EEC board will then appoint an interim commissioner.