• Mass. housing activists pushing for rent control

    By: Drew Karedes


    BOSTON - Lawmakers in New York have just passed a wave of landmark bills aimed at strengthening protections for tenants.

    Now, Massachusetts housing activists are calling it a major victory in the push for rent control here in the Bay State. 

    Lisa Owen, executive director of the local nonprofit City Life tells Boston 25 News it signifies a power shift away from the landlords.

    "This is a massive victory. If New York state can do this, if Oregon can do this, what is stopping Massachusetts?" said Owen.  

    Rent control was banned statewide by Mass. voters in 1994, but a group of House lawmakers recently filed a new bill that would once again allow cities and towns to impose rent control.

    Governor Charlie Baker has said he doesn't think rent control will help with high housing prices and believes the state needs more housing. 

    A new report this month ranked Mass. as the third most expensive for rental housing behind Hawaii and California. 

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