• 'Dangerous and desperate' fugitive arrested after violent struggle with police


    WAREHAM, Mass. - Police in Wareham have arrested a dangerous fugitive who attacked multiple police officers. 

    Wareham Police had been looking for Anthony Vieira, 24, after he didn't appear for a Jan. 29 court date related to charges from a string of jewelry stores burglaries that occurred in October and November, according to a Jan. 31 news release from Wareham police.

    Fall River Police alerted Wareham that Vieira was suspected of crimes in that city on Tuesday night and Fall River Police were seeking help locating him, police said. 

    Officers in Wareham say Vieira broke into a jewelry store overnight, the same jewelry store he broke into in October, and started smashing the display cases open. 

    "Business is disrupted for the day," Matt Chick, manager at A.J. Marks Company Fine Jewelers, said. "Windows are broken. Stuff is stolen. Cases are broken. Lost sales. It's just the domino effect that it creates."

    The store manager said Vieira got away with about $5,000 in jewelry, and police said the suspect had broken into the same jewelry store three other times, including two times in 2018 and one about five years ago.

    "I couldn't believe it," Chick said. "Like how willing, desperate could you be to come back a fourth time to do it and think you could get away with it? It is really sad."

    Responding officers found him running down the road and ordered him to stop. The officer finally got Vieira on the ground but had difficulty handcuffing him due to numerous watches he had on his wrist, believed to be stolen from the jewelry store. Police say Vieira shoved the officer off, injuring him and ran off. The officer tried to use a stun gun on him, but was unsuccessful. 

    Police also responded to a break-in at 7-Eleven where $60 was stolen. Vieira is believed to be responsible for that robbery, as well.

    Hours later, officers found Vieira at a home and arrested him after a violent struggle where police say he kicked and threw punches at two officers. 

    Wareham Police arrested three additional people at that home. They have not released their names yet, but say charges are pending.

    The Wareham Police chief said one of his officers was taken to the hospital with an injury from the incident, but said the officer was okay.

    Police are also executing a search warrant at that home for stolen items. 

    Vieira is facing charges of breaking and entering, resisting arrest, and multiple counts of assault and battery on a police officer, and told Boston 25 News he "didn't rob the store."

    Vieira managed to post bail after his arrest last year because the police chief says the judge set the bail at $3,500. Prosecutors asked for it to be much higher.

    "In the interim, he has gotten warrants from Fall River, and suspected of various incidents that have occurred in Wareham as well," Acting Fall River Police Chief John Walcek said.

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