Man sentenced to life in prison for 1992 murder of Tufts graduate

Twenty-five years after a brutal rape and murder, a killer is sentenced to life behind bars.

DNA evidence helped convict a one-time homeless man for the murder of Lena Bruce.

James Witkowski had been arrested seven times for drug charges, assault and battery and other crimes before being compelled to submit the DNA sample that connected him to the crime. His DNA was found in chunks of flesh under Bruce's fingernails after she was bound, raped and strangled in her own bed of her Mass Ave. apartment in 1992.

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Lena Bruce's parents never got to see justice served for their daughter. Both passed away before DNA evidence reopened this cold case, but it was a long fought win for investigators.

While her parents could not be in court, her sorority family was.

"Closure. Just, dang, we never thought we would see the killer," said sorority sister Charise Dorsey.

Witkowski was sentenced to life in prison without parole. His attorney entered an appeal to his conviction.

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