Man loses job opportunity after threatening remarks on dating app

BOSTON — A local woman turned down a man's advances on an online dating site and he responded with threats of sexual assault.

That message went to Facebook and now, after a recruiter saw the post, it has cost the man a job opportunity.

A local woman got this message on a dating site and posted it on Facebook - a friend of hers recognized the man as a job...

Posted by Jacqui Heinrich on Tuesday, August 2, 2016

FOX25’s Jacqui Heinrich spoke to an employment attorney about what happened and he said it’s perfectly legal.

The woman who got the threatening messages asked not to be identified because she fears revenge, but said she never expected the response when she shared the threatening messages online with her friends.

"I think there’s this notion that women overreact to how men speak to them online or on the street but when you see it black and white typed out it's totally different,” she said.

The woman rejected this man's advances by saying "not a great way to speak to women, I'll pass” and that’s when the man threatened her with sexual assault.

"Not a great way to speak to a man. Get back in the kitchen and when my sandwich is done bend over until I’m finished with you," the man wrote.

Samantha Oliver saw the exchange posted online and recognized the man as someone who had just applied for a job through her agency.

"I hope that guys stop talking to women on the internet like that or at least thinks twice about it, or at least realize they can’t stay anonymous,” Oliver said.

Oliver then shared the incident using the online forum Reddit and received many responses, including one from a man who said "we all snap from time to time, online dating is very hard for men.”

Oliver said there were even threats to sue her, but employment attorney Philip Gordon told FOX25 that Oliver did nothing wrong.

"Is an employer allowed to decide not to hire you because of a racist rant or a sexist remark he saw you make online? That is not a protected conduct making those comments and the employer is well within their rights,” Gordon said.

FOX25 attempted to reach the man but all of his social media pages had been taken down.

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